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Playgrounds provide both supervised and unsupervised activities for families and school children.

Most playgrounds have a wading pool, a playfield and various playground equipment. Some playgrounds have playfields that are turned into ice rinks in winter. The equipment and opportunities for activities vary by the playground.

School children are offered snacks at playgrounds on schooldays. Charges apply to the snacks. Children must be enrolled in the snack programme. In summer, the playgrounds that stay open serve a free-of-charge hot meal to all children and teenagers under 16 years of age.

Local residents are welcome to join the planning of playground activities.

Background information

The purpose of municipal playgrounds is to offer safe, diverse and welcoming environments for play. The municipality checks the safety of playgrounds several times a year. The maintenance measures are carried out according to a national specification.

Playgrounds may be supervised by municipal employees either continuously or at certain times, or they may be unsupervised. A municipality may organise instructor-led activities for pre-school and school-age children at the playground.

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