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Physical education class

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The aim of the physical education class is to- increase the possibilities to offer positive experiences to students interested and gifted in sports- develop the students' basic skills- introduce the students to different forms of exercise and different sports in cooperation with sport federations and local clubs

Forms 3.-6.Education is carried through as a combination of physical education and sports clubs. Physical education classes amount to three per week and clubs one to three per week, depending on the students' age and resources. The aim is to have six weekly hours of sports.

Forms 7.-9.When moving to 7th grade, the student must apply again for the physical education class. The classes have more physical education per week than normal classes. Depending on the school, the emphasis available are as follows:- football- gymnastics- ice hockey- basketball- floorball- figure skating- dance- apparatus gymnastics- athletics- general training

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Forms 3-6

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