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Personal Assistance

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A person with a severe disability has the right to receive Personal Assistance with normal life activities.

Personal assistance is directed to chores that the clients would be able to carry out themselves without their disability or illness. The goal of personal assistance is to help persons with severe disability to fulfil themselves both at home and outside of the home in:

  • daily activities
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Please contact Social Instructor in Disability Services by phone.

Background information

The personal assistant helps the person with severe disabilities at home and outside the home, e.g. during their work, studies, hobbies, civic participation and social interaction. A person with severe disabilities is entitled to personal assistance if they require it on a permanent basis. A social worker assesses the person’s need for assistance and its duration.

Personal assistance can be provided in different ways. It can be procured from both public and private service providers.

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The Municipality of Sipoo

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The Municipality of Sipoo
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Updated: 25/1/2023