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Permit for work carried out in road areas

  • Permit or other obligation
  • Nationwide except the Åland Islands
  • Public service

A permit granted by the ELY Centre is required for work that is carried out on a highway or in road areas and that requires traffic control and warning signs. A permit is also required for non-recurring work such as tasks related to the maintenance of cables and equipment in municipal infrastructure. The permit is included in permits the ELY Centre grants for signage and connecting private roads to highways and in decisions on siting permits for the placement of cables, wires and pipes in road areas. In these cases, there is no need to apply for a permit separately.

Already at the design stage it is possible to research background information related to work carried out on roads in the Finnish Transport Agency's application for open road network data. The information is presented based on maps. In addition to basic road information (speed limit, traffic volume, width of the carriageway, bridges, groundwater protection), the application also shows the ELY Centre, regional project and transport centre in the area where the site is located.

Do the following

Please apply for the permit for work electronically, as it will speed up the processing. You will receive an automatic confirmation to your email when your electronic form has been received. If you do not receive a confirmation message with an identification number, inform the Centre for Traffic Customer Service. The identification number is an eight-digit figure (form 1001XXXX).

Please pay attention to the following matters when using the electronic service: If you supplement your application later, email the supplementary information to: Enter the applicant's name, the municipality in which the work site is situated and the road number in the subject field of the email. Filling in a new electronic form to submit supplementary information would increase the processing time of the application considerably.

Attach the following appendices to the application:

  • the traffic control plan in the form of a map or a general principle diagram applicable to the site
  • an approach chart (1:10,000–40,000)
  • the lay-out plan (about 1:500–1,000)
  • any plans that concern the road maintenance authorities

As an alternative to using electronic services, you can send applications (regardless of the location of the work site) to the ELY Centre of Pirkanmaa (Registry, PO Box 297, 33101 Tampere) or email it to:

The request for an extension of a permit period must be submitted in writing during the period of validity of the permit, and no other changes will be made to the permit in that connection. Other change requests will be processed as a new application for a permit.

To whom and on what terms

The ELY Centre checks the traffic control plan for the site and decides on setting a temporary speed limit. In addition, the ELY Centre conducts a review of the terrain before work is started and after work has been completed.

The Finnish Transport Agency's instructions Liikennetyömaalla – Yleiset käytännöt ja turvallisuusvaatimukset ('Traffic on a roadwork site – General practices and safety requirements', in Finnish) contain the requirements for the safety qualifications of those working on the road and the safety equipment of employees. The instructions set clearly defined requirements for the training and orientation for traffic controllers. These instructions must be complied with in all tasks carried out on highways.

There are separate instructions for the arrangement of traffic control for work that is subject to a permit.

The Finnish Transport Agency's instructions on qualification requirements and occupational safety must also be complied with in such work carried out on highways and road construction sites that is subject to a permit. The instructions also contain a summary of the quality criteria for the traffic control equipment used at work sites. Stringent quality criteria are presented in the new version of Sulku- ja varoituslaitteet ('Closure and warning equipment', in Finnish).

The Finnish Transport Agency has drawn up a separate set of instructions for the traffic arrangements and occupational safety in highway maintenance work. The instructions include operating principles to be complied with during general road maintenance when controlling traffic and carrying out work in road areas as well as for occupational safety.

The Finnish Transport Agency has also drawn up instructions for the traffic arrangements at road construction sites. These instructions are intended for the construction of new roads, for light and major structural improvements and for building and repairing bridges.

A fee is charged for the service.

There is a fee for both a granted licence and a negative decision. The fees are determined annually by a government decree.


A permit for work must be obtained before work is started.

Processing time

Permits are processed in about three weeks.

Period of validity

The period of validity is permit-specific and is announced in the decision. The period of validity may be extended once, free of charge, during the period of validity, for justified reasons. The length of the extension depends on the work in question.

Basic information

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Responsible for the serviceCentre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment
Area Whole Finland (except Åland)
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Updated: 8/17/2020