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Responsible for the service Regional State Administrative Agency

Permission to provide 24-hour social services

  • Permit or other obligation
  • Nationwide
  • Public service

AVI processes the application for providing private 24-hour social welfare services when the service provider has operational unit(s) only in the area of one AVI.

Patients who live in a licensed 24-hour social service unit need 24-hour care and attention. In 24-hour units, personnel is available around the clock.

Private social services subject to licensing include, for example:

  • Children's hom ...

Do the following

A valid license is required before the operation can be started.

You can apply for a license electronically or submit a paper application to the registry of the AVI. The application should be submitted to the AVI in whose area the operational unit is located.

When using online services, the service will direct the application to the competent licensing authority.

Through the online service you can:

  • apply for a new license to provide private social and healthcare services
  • apply for a modification of the license related to the provision of services
  • submit notifications related to the license
  • easily follow the processing of the licence or the notification.

Fill in the following forms both when using the online service or submitting a paper application:

  • Application for providing private 24-hour social welfare services
  • Annex: information about the operational unit.

Attach the following documents to the application:

  1. a copy of the Articles of Association, partnership agreement, rules of the association/foundation or another similar account
  2. an extract from the trade register or a copy of the business registration
  3. an extract from the register of bankruptcy and reorganization and a certificate from the enforcement register
  4. an action plan
  5. plan of the facilities used for the service and an operation plan
  6. an emergency plan and an evacuation safety report referred to in the Rescue Act
  7. a statement from the rescue authority
  8. a statement from the health protection authority
  9. a statement from the body responsible for social welfare services in the municipality where the service is provided or from a local government official designated by the body
  10. copies of the responsible person's diplomas and description of professional experience.

The AVI can, at its discretion, also request additional annexes or accounts.

If some annexes are not available, you can still submit the application but AVI can't make a decision before all the necessary annexes have been submitted.

In case of operational changes, e.g. a new operational unit is established, the responsible person changes, etc., the service provider has to apply for modification of the license. If the operation is terminated, you have to notify the licensing authority who granted the license in writing.

To whom and on what terms

The granting of the license requires that the operational unit has:

  • Sufficient and appropriate facilities and equipment;
  • Staff whose number, structure and qualifications meet the customers' service needs;
  • A responsible person that meets the qualification criteria.


Apply for a license well before starting operations or making significant changes. You are not allowed to provide private 24-hour social welfare services until you have received a license.

Processing time

To speed up the processing, fill the application carefully. Before granting a license, AVI can inspect the operational unit that the application refers to. After all the documents have been received and checked, the AVI will make a decision within one month.

Period of validity

Until further notice.

Background information

The service is provided by

Regional State Administrative Agency

Responsible for the service

Regional State Administrative Agency
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Updated: 3/6/2021