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Part-time special needs education

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Part-time special needs education

Every comprehensive school employs a special needs teacher with a wide focus who provides part-time special needs instruction.

Part-time special needs instruction can be provided

-simultaneously with regular class work (two or more teachers work in the same classroom sharing the pupils)

-in small groups


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To whom and on what terms

Part-time special needs teaching may be given to pupils who have difficulties with such areas as linguistic or mathematical skills. The difficulties may also be associated with individual subjects, study skills, social skills or study motivation.

Background information

Basic education pupils who have difficulties with their learning or school attendance are entitled to part-time special needs teaching in connection with other instruction.

Part-time special needs teaching is provided in connection with other instruction either simultaneously with other teaching, for small groups or as individual instruction. The municipality ensures that the schools have access to the required expertise in special pedagogy.

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Updated: 6/6/2023