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Responsible for the service City of Helsinki

Palliative Outpatient Clinic

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The Palliative Outpatient Clinic of the City of Helsinki provides symptomatic treatment consultation and monitoring for patients residing in Helsinki.

The most common illness among the patients is cancer, but patients suffering from conditions such as an advanced heart, lung or liver disease can benefit from the symptomatic treatment consultation.

Patients come to the outpatient clinic based on a doctor’s referral.

To whom and on what terms

Palliative treatment policy and a doctor's referral.

The service is intended for residents of Helsinki.

Background information

The purpose of end-of-life care, or terminal care, is to help a patient who is seriously and incurably ill to live a life that is as good as possible until the end. The patient is transferred to end-of-life care when a terminal illness cannot be cured and death is imminent in the next few days, weeks or months. End-of-life care includes pain relief and other necessary care even if attempts are no longer made to treat the actual illness. Providing every possible support for the terminal patient and their family and friends is an essential part of end-of-life care.

The health care staff should always discuss transferring to end-of-life care with the patient, more than once if necessary. If the patient is no longer able to express their views of the care, it should be discussed with their family members or friends. As far as possible, the patient’s personal wishes concerning their care are recorded in a decision on end-of-life care. It may, for example, include a decision to refuse resuscitation. Actively promoting death is not part of end-of-life care.

End-of-life care is provided at hospitals and other institutions and dedicated hospices. End-of-life care may also be provided in the patient’s home, usually in cooperation between care staff and the patient’s family and friends.

Basic information

The service is provided byCity of Helsinki
Responsible for the serviceCity of Helsinki
Area Helsinki
Available languagesFinnish, Swedish, English
Text edited by: City of Helsinki
Updated: 6/13/2021