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Responsible for the service City of Vaasa

Ohjaamo Pohjanmaa

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One-Stop Guidance Centre Ostrobothnia is intended for everyone under the age of 30 where you will get help and support free of change in matters such as

• studies

• gaining employment

• housing

• welfare and well-being

Visit us with or without an appointment during our opening hours. The One-Stop Guidance Centre staff will be able to help and advise you on how to proceed in any situation.

To whom and on what terms

The service is free of charge.

Basic information

The service is provided byPohjanmaa TE Office
Other responsible organisationsELY Centre for Ostrobothnia
Responsible for the serviceCity of Vaasa
Area Jakobstad, Kaskinen, Korsholm, Korsnäs, Kristinestad, Kronoby, Laihia, Larsmo, Malax, Närpes, Nykarleby, Pedersöre, Vaasa, Vaasa, Vöyri
Available languagesSwedish, English
Text edited by: City of Vaasa
Updated: 20/12/2021