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Occupational safety and health inspection

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Occupational safety inspections are a key part of the occupational safety and health authority’s supervision. The inspector gives instructions based on legislation for improving working conditions and developing occupational safety activities. The inspections are specifically targeted at high-risk sectors. Supervision also aims to promote cooperation between the employer and employees in matters o ...

Do the following

In general, the inspector contacts the employer in advance to agree on the time of the inspection. The issues to be discussed are listed in an advance notice of the inspection.

Before the occupational safety and health inspection, make sure that the necessary documents stated in the inspection notice are easily available during the inspection. Assess the occupational safety and health activities at your workplace beforehand. You can search the online service for information to support the assessment. Make sure that an employee representative participates in the inspection.

To whom and on what terms

Inspections are carried out at workplaces of all sizes. Inspections may also be carried out on request.

The occupational safety and health inspection report is delivered to the workplace no later than one month after the end of the inspection or when all the necessary material is available to the supervising authority.

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