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Responsible for the service ELY Centre

Notification of clean-up of contaminated land and groundwater

  • Permit or other obligation
  • Nationwide except the Åland Islands
  • Public service

The ELY Centre must be notified of the clean-up of contaminated land and groundwater, unless the clean-up requires an environmental permit. You must also submit a notification for using the dug up soil in the excavation area or for processing it elsewhere.

The ELY Centre will make a decision on the clean-up of the contaminated area, which will specify how the clean-up should be carried out.

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Do the following

Submit the notification to the ELY Centre well in advance, but no later than 45 days before the start of the work stage for cleaning.

Submit the notification primarily electronically in the regional administration e-services.

If necessary, you can also submit the notification using a printable form or in free form. In this case, you can send the application to the ELY Centre as an attachment to the general form.

Please provide the following information in your application:

  • the notifier’s identification and contact information
  • the location of the activity
  • the type, duration and scope of the works, activity or event
  • estimated information about pollutant emissions
  • planned environmental measures
  • environmental impacts of the activity
  • details of relevant permits and statements issued by authorities
  • identification and location of the property where the clean-up operation is to take place
  • details of the current and intended uses of the property and immediate surroundings, and the neighbouring properties
  • a description of the site’s soil, groundwater and surface water conditions and ground/surface water uses
  • details of the site’s previous uses, and substances and events that have caused the contamination
  • survey/test results and subsequent estimate of soil and groundwater contamination and clean-up requirements
  • the objectives of the clean-up operation
  • a description of the chosen clean-up method, measures to be taken to prevent environmental impacts and pollution resulting from the clean-up operation, the use of excavated soil in earthworks, waste handling, the clean-up work stages, schedule, supervision and monitoring
  • a map and drawing showing the pertinent sites.

In Helsinki and Turku, submit the notification in the manner specified by the city.


The notification should be submitted well in advance, no later than 45 days before the start of the work stage in question.

Period of validity

The decision may contain specific instructions about its validity period.

The service is provided by

Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment

Other responsible organisations

ELY Centre for Varsinais-Suomi, ELY Centre for South Savo, ELY Centre for Häme, ELY Centre for Southeast Finland, ELY Centre for Central Finland, ELY Centre for South Ostrobothnia, ELY Centre for Pirkanmaa, ELY Centre for Lapland, ELY Centre for North Savo, ELY Centre for Ostrobothnia, ELY Centre for North Ostrobothnia, ELY Centre for Kainuu, ELY Centre for Satakunta, ELY Centre for North Karelia, ELY Centre for Uusimaa

Responsible for the service

Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment
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Updated: 21/3/2022