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Non-money lottery licences

  • Permit or other obligation
  • Nationwide
  • Public service

Running non-money lotteries requires a licence.

The related authorities are the police departments and the National Police Board. A police department can grant a non-money lottery licence for its own jurisdiction. The National Police Board grants licences for non-money lotteries run across several police districts.

Do the following

Applications for non-money lottery licences must be made in writing. Fill in the application carefully and attach all mandatory documents. (Government Decree on Lotteries). Please follow the instructions to ensure timely processing of the application.

Licence applications must be accompanied by the following documents:

- An annual report or other proof of the applicant having engaged in activities that promote their chosen cause. An annual report is the preferred form of proof. Other forms of proof can be submitted if there is no annual report. The reason for the lack of annual report must also be given.

- Extract from the minutes of the meeting concerning the non-money lottery. This refers to an extract from the minutes of the meeting that decided to arrange the non-money lottery.

- A copy of the most recent adopted financial statements. Financial statements must also include an auditor’s report.

- A copy of the rules of the association or foundation.

- An extract from the Register of Associations, the Register of Foundations or the Trade Register/an extract from a register maintained by a public organisation. The extract must not be more than three months old, calculated from the date of the licence application.

If the intention is to use an external agent to run the non-money lottery, the licence application must also include proof that the proposed external agent satisfies the relevant requirements. Depending on the type of business, such proof can be an extract from the guardian register, the register of bankruptcies and restructurings or the register of prohibitions to pursue a business.

The license authority can also request other information related to the application or the documents.

More information about running non-money lotteries and applications can be found on the police website. The website also includes a printable non-money lottery licence application form and a non-money lottery account form.

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