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Natural grass fields

How can I get this service?

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Responsible for the service: City of Turku
Area: Turku
Service available in: Finnish

Natural grass fields cannot be used without a reservation. Reservations are regulated to 16 hours per week in order to prevent grass abrasion. Both public and regular reservations for the artificial turf fields can be booked in the reservation planner Timmi, excluding the reservations for the member teams of Finnish Football Association (SPL). Member teams should apply for reservations from the SPL’s Turku district organization. Night time silence at 22-07.

There are 13 natural fields in total, of which nine are standard size fields and four are for small sided games (min. 40 x 60 m).

To whom and on what terms

A fee is charged for the service.

Price group 1 (groups of under 20-year-old residents of Turku) | Price group 3 (non-sporting events) - 190 € / h | Price group 2 (other sports and exercise groups) - 39 € / h | Price group 2 (other sports and exercise groups) - 25 € / h | Price group 3 (non-sporting events) - 115 € / h | Price group 2 (other sports and exercise groups) - 38 € / h

The service is provided by: 
City of Turku