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Monitoring schemes for environmental permits and modification thereof

  • Permit or other obligation
  • Nationwide except the Åland Islands
  • Public service

In the environmental permit are stated the necessary stipulations regarding the monitoring of emissions and activity as well as the monitoring of the impacts of the activity and the state of the environment after the termination of the activity. Often also the holder of a water permit has to monitor the impacts of its activities on waterways.

The details of the monitoring can be stipulated directly in the permit decision or the permit authority can order the person responsible for the project or activity that requires an environmental permit to deliver a surveillance or monitoring plan to either the permit authority, the supervisory authority or, in fishing industry matters, the fishing industry authority for acceptance. The permit authority can if necessary order multiple permit holders to monitor the impacts of their activities together in joint monitoring and to deliver a joint monitoring plan for acceptance to some of the aforementioned authorities.

An accepted monitoring plan can be modified if necessary. The authority that has decided on the monitoring will make the decision regarding the modification.

Do the following

If there is unclarity about the acceptance of the monitoring plan, the modification thereof or otherwise, it is recommended to contact the supervisory authority that will provide information on the procedures and practices related to the monitoring. More information is available also on the website of the environmental administration. ELY Centre can be contacted in related matters by using an electronic form.

To whom and on what terms

The monitoring plan must present the means, the locations and the dates for the monitoring of the emissions and impacts of the project or activity.

The proposal for a modification of the monitoring plan can be made by the decision making authority, the permit holder, the supervisory authority, the authority supervising the public interest, a municipality or an interested party experiencing a disadvantage or such a registered association or a foundation whose purpose is to promote the protection of environment, health or nature or habitability of a residential environment and in the operating area of which, in accordance with its rules, the environmental effects in question appear.

The service is free of charge.


The person responsible for the project or the permit holder must submit the monitoring plan for acceptance in such an early phase that the monitoring can be started at the beginning of the activity or at another time that is appropriate in terms of the impacts of the activity.

Period of validity

The decision regarding the monitoring plan specifies how long it is necessary to continue the monitoring.

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