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Modelling service for enterprise architecture in public administration

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Enterprise architecture (EA) supports management, the implementation of strategy, the constant development of activities and services, the management of change and complications, the controlled utilisation of digitalisation and the interoperability.

The modelling service for enterprise architecture,, helps and supports public administration organisations in enterprise architecture modelling and publishing. Arkkitehtuuripankki (Architecture Bank) is a service complex, the main elements of which are

  • Training: Digital and Population Data Services Agency organises online training that contributes to guiding the activities and comprehensive development of public administration organisations.
  • Operating environment: an EA modelling environment where organisations can bring their own architectural models.
  • Publishing environment: Using an EA tool, organisations can publish EA material created. The material can be viewed with a browser.
  • Development support services: In addition to online training, support for the start of development work and for development, there is support available for the transfer and migration of materials from other tools.

The service is based on public administration recommendation JHS 179 that describes the enterprise architecture planning method. JHS 179, in turn, is created based on TOGAF, an international framework for enterprise architecture. The enterprise architecture method is a systematic work procedure and practice that are used to identify, structure, plan and describe the elements of a whole and their interdependencies in the current and desired end states.

The modelling service complies with the base-level requirements for information security as directed by the Public sector digital security management board (VAHTI) so that confidential material can be processed in the service.

Do the following

Access rights can be applied for on

For modelling, you have to install a client programme on your own workstation. The installation instructions are available on the service. The installation requires system administrator rights and opening a data connection.

To whom and on what terms

The modelling service can be used by all those who do architecture work for public administration.

Modelling requires that access rights be applied for.

The published descriptions on modelling service can be accessed by anyone but require logging in.

The service is free of charge.

Basic information

The service is provided byDigital and Population Data Services Agency
Area Whole Finland
Available languagesFinnish, Swedish, English
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Updated: 1/29/2020