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Meds75+ database

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The Meds75+ database supports the clinical decision-making on the pharmacotherapy of patients over 75 years of age and improves medication safety in primary healthcare. The database contains classifications and recommendations for almost 500 medicinal substances or their combinations when used by elderly.

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The medicinal substances have been classified in categories A, B, C and D, which are familiar from other healthcare databases. The classes indicate medicinal substances’ suitability for people aged 75 or over. The classification is based on a multidisciplinary clinical consensus. A group of experts continuously updates the database.

A (green): Suitable for elderly. The medicinal substance can be used as for younger people. Changes due to aging do not affect the dose or frequency of administration. The adverse reaction profile is the same as for younger people.

B (grey): There is little research evidence, practical experience or efficacy concerning elderly. The assessment could not be completed.

C (yellow): Suitable for elderly with reserve. The medicinal substance can be used with caution. The effects that changes due to aging have on the dose or frequency of administration should be taken into account when using this substance. Renal activity’s impact on medication must also be taken into account. The use of this medicinal substance may involve a significant risk of adverse or combined influence.

D (red): Avoid using for elderly. This medicinal substance’s risk of adverse impact usually exceeds the clinical benefit of the treatment. Can be used in special cases or on a one-off basis.

The medicine-specific recommendation contains information on the effects and dosage of the medicine as well as the most typical adverse and combined influence. The recommendations do not take indications or contraindications into account.

Commonly used criteria on medication for elderly (Beers, STOPP) were taken into account in composing the database.

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