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Maternity clinic services

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The purpose of maternity clinics is to support and protect the health of pregnant women and their unborn children.

Together with the clinic staff, families get to discuss their health habits and other issues and questions they wish to bring up. It is also important to discuss difficult issues that burden a family, as this will make it possible to plan the required help and support measures as soon as possible together with the family and other cooperation partners.

To whom and on what terms

The services of maternity clinics are intended for pregnant women and their families.

Only visit a clinic if you are healthy. If you or your child is ill, please contact your health centre. In case of emergency, call 112.

Background information

Pregnant women and their families are entitled to use the services provided by maternity clinics. The clinic monitors the progress of the pregnancy and the health of the baby and mother after childbirth. Maternity clinics also offer support in becoming a parent. You should make your first appointment with the clinic as soon as you know you are pregnant.

During the maternity clinic visits, the necessary examinations are carried out, the foetal heart beat is monitored and the pregnant woman’s physical and mental well-being is looked after. If problems occur during pregnancy, the doctor or nurse will refer the pregnant woman for a follow up appointment at the maternity outpatient clinic at a local hospital. It is possible for a pregnant woman to have two ultrasound screening tests during the pregnancy.

The maternity clinic aims to identify as early as possible what level of support a pregnant woman and her family require. Pregnant women and their families will be offered other support they may need, for example, social or substance abuse services.

The maternity clinic also provides guidance in applying for maternity, paternity and parental benefits, and issues the certificates needed for these. If a child is to be born outside of marriage, the father of the child can recognise his paternity during the pregnancy at the maternity clinic. The pregnant woman's spouse or other support person is always welcome to attend the clinic with her.

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