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Responsible for the service The Municipality of Sipoo

Local Arts and Crafts Museum Activities

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The goal with museum activities is to maintain and promote the public’s understanding about culture, history and the environment. Museums are open for all.

  • Local Arts and Crafts Museum Sibbesgården is located in Gesterby, which is one of the oldest villages in Sipoo. There are several old buildings in the museum area, showing the visitors how people lived in Sipoo a long time ago.
  • The agricul ...

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To whom and on what terms

Museum activities are based on the Finnish Museums Act, and they are free of charge. The local history society in Sipoo is called Sibbo Hembygdsförening rf. It takes care of the local archives in the Sipoo region.

Background information

The purpose of museum services is to maintain and build up the population's understanding of culture, history and environment. The museums are open for everyone.

The museums preserve cultural and natural heritage and keep it for the generations to come. Through their exhibitions and publications, the museums also inform the public and engage in research and teaching.

The service is provided by

The Municipality of Sipoo, The City of Porvoo

Other responsible organisations

The City of Porvoo

Responsible for the service

The Municipality of Sipoo
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Updated: 18/11/2022