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Responsible for the service City of Kauniainen


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The laboratory serves by appointment and queing number. The laboratory is located in the Health Centre.

Background information

Public health care laboratories test and analyse blood, urine and cell samples among other things. A referral from a doctor or a nurse is needed to use public health care laboratory services. The referral specifies what the sample should be tested for. Before giving a sample, you should read the instructions provided by your doctor or the laboratory. For example, there may be restrictions on eating and drinking before you give a sample.

Some private laboratory services may be used without a referral if you are yourself able to specify what laboratory tests you need. Private laboratories charge the fees indicated on their price lists for their services.

Basic information

The service is provided byCity of Kauniainen
Responsible for the serviceCity of Kauniainen
Area Kauniainen
Available languagesFinnish, Swedish, English
Text edited by: City of Kauniainen
Updated: 24/5/2022