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Internationalization Services

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Our experts will help you and your business to plan and launch international operations and expand your current operations. We will support you in finding funding options, establishing contacts with the target country and using different networks.

Our objective is to lower your business’ threshold for launching or expanding international operations. We offer advice and expert assistance for such as the following matters:

  • planning and development of internationalisation
  • funding of internationalisation
  • market research
  • export cooperation
  • current knowledge and sources of information.

The municipality of Sipoo provides services for entrepreneurs and people who wish to expand their business abroad. The services are organized and carried out in cooperation with Central Uusimaa Business Development Centre (Keuke).

For many companies, internationalization is synonymous to several new opportunities and significant growth outside the Finnish borders. Good preparation is essential fo ...

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Keuke is a local development company that helps companies in Central Uusimaa. Visit Keuke’s website to find out more.

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The Municipality of Sipoo

Responsible for the service

The Municipality of Sipoo
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Updated: 22/9/2021