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Internal medicine wards

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Ward 22 specializes in treating heart patients. In the heart monitoring room, central vital functions, such as heart rhythm, blood pressure, the body's oxygen uptake, and secretory functions, can be effectively monitored and managed. The Internal Medicine Ward conducts electrical rhythm transfers, for which patients use prebooked appointments. In addition to actual treatment procedures, the ward also provides diagnostics, more in-depth examinations, rehabilitation, support for self-care, and pain management and counselling as necessary, based on each patient's individual needs.

Ward 23 speciality is the rehabilitation and treatment of patients with neurological diseases. The largest single group of patients consists of stroke victims. A FIM-indicator is used to monitor the condition of stroke victims. Rehabilitation treatment requires close co-operation between various professional groups, and with the patient and his or her kin. In addition to the ward's nursing staff and neurologist; a social worker; a physical therapist, occupational therapist, and speech therapist; a neuropsychologist; and a recreation & activity therapist participate in the work of the multiprofessional team by, for example, attending rehabilitation meetings.

Ward 24 speciality is the treatment of patients with diabetes and kidney disease. Those who are over 40 years of age and those whose diabetes is of the new Type 2 are treated here, as are the elderly and people of working age, whose diabetes requires a period of hospitalization. Of patients with kidney disease, those who are older, or suffer from acute or chronic kidney failure and require hospitalization, but not acute dialysis, are treated here.

Patients in Ward 24 receive intensive basic instruction in how to measure their blood-sugar levels and give themselves insulin shots, as well as consultations on diet and other relevant topics. Each patient is taught individually. After completion of basic instruction, he or she qualifies as a patient receiving hospital-based home care, which makes treatment and taking responsibility for it easy for him or her.

The conservative treatment modality for renal failure consists of dietary guidance and taking care of one's fluid balance, as well as the anaemia, skeletal disease and high blood pressure associated with renal failure. Older patients with renal failure, who are undergoing dialysis treatment and are in need of hospitalization due to an acute illness, are also t

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