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Integration plan

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An integration plan can be drawn up for you at the TE Office, if

  • you are an unemployed jobseeker
  • your first residence permit or residence permit card was issued no more than 3 years ago or
  • your right of residence was registered no more than 3 years ago
  • you are able to participate full-time in measures and services promoting your integration and employment.

The purpose of an integration plan is to support your integration in Finland. Usually the plan includes studying Finnish or Swedish at a level that corresponds to your skills and abilities, and TE Office services that best promote your employment. The plan can also include, for example, reading and writing courses in your native language, or education on the Finnish society. The goal is that you will have started the service that promotes your integration or employment within one month of drawing up the plan.

The integration plan is drawn up either in co-operation between you, the municipality and the TE Office, or just between you and the TE Office. The first plan is drawn up for at most one year, and it is revised at agreed intervals. The maximum period for an integration plan is 3 years. However, in some cases the maximum period may be extended by two years.

Do the following

  1. First check if you can register as a jobseeker at the TE Office.
  2. After the registration, the TE Office will contact you either by telephone, e-mail or letter and notify you of the appointment made for drawing up an integration plan. The TE Office will acquire interpretation services for the appointment, if necessary.

To whom and on what terms

To receive an integration plan, you must have a valid residence permit, a residence permit card or a registered right of residence. Citizens of Nordic countries and their family members are also entitled to an integration plan if they have lived in Finland under 3 years and there is a need to draw up a plan for them.

Persons who do not have the right to an integration plan include

- persons residing in Finland on a visa or visa-free (such as tourists or seasonal workers)

- persons waiting for their first residence permit decision

- persons who, in addition to holding a Finnish citizenship, are citizens of a foreign state

- Finnish citizens who are moving back to Finland after years of living abroad.

The service is free of charge.

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