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Information and guidance about finding employment in Europe

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Your job search and possible employment or studies abroad are affected by whether you apply for work within or outside an EU or EEA country. Before searching for work abroad, map out your language skills and competence, as well as the employment situation of your sector in the country you are interested in.

Information on looking for a job and going to work in Europe is available in the Internationality section of Job Market Finland, which is worth exploring.

EURES is a network of European Employment Services. The EURES portal publishes all open positions in the EU and EEA region. The website includes information on life and work in different countries, as well as educational opportunities. You can also publish your own CV and create a European Skills Passport on the website.

Job search and relocation for employment in Europe can be supported in various ways.

  • Your first EURES job project helps young persons aged 18–35 to find employment in a different European country. The job search may be supported financially.
  • Reactivate and relocate 35+ helps persons over the age of 35 to look for work in another European country. The job search may be supported financially.
  • The TE Office or local government pilot may grant financial support for the interview trip for return travel to an EU or EEA country as well as accommodation costs.

Do the following

At first, search for information independently in the Jobmarket Finland. If you cannot find the answers to your questions, contact the TE Office or the local government pilot. You can also send an email to the national EURES service at eures(at) If your question concerns the Your first EURES job or Reactivate and Relocate +35 projects, send an email to yfej(at)

To whom and on what terms

You do not have to register as a job seeker to have access to advice or to participate in Your first EURES job project, but the other services require registration as a job seeker with the TE Services.

The information is available on the Job Market Finland website in Finnish, Swedish and English.

When you register as a job seeker on the EURES portal, you will have access to additional services. EURES portal serves in most European languages.

The service is free of charge.

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