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Responsible for the service City of Helsinki

Housing support services for the homeless

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The services of housing support are placement assessment work, service centre and social services of assisted housing.

To whom and on what terms

Homeless Helsinki residents

Background information

Supportive housing comes with social welfare services, including support offered by a social instructor. Supportive housing is offered for those who need support, for example when moving out to their own home after living with their parents or guardians or in an institution. It may also be offered for mental health rehabilitees, persons with substance abuse problems and families with young children who need support in their daily activities and life management.

Supportive housing may also be organised in the person's own home, residential units or municipal rented housing, but the service may also be brought to other types of homes. Supportive housing is offered by public and private service producers.

Basic information

The service is provided byCity of Helsinki
Responsible for the serviceCity of Helsinki
Area Helsinki
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Updated: 7/2/2020