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Housing and substance abuse services

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Social workers at social welfare offices review the client's use of intoxicants and encourage him or her to become drug-free. In addition, they guide clients with substance abuse problems to take advantage of available substance abuse care services, and participate in the selection of a treatment facility, if necessary. Outpatient and therapeutic services are of primary importance to a person with substance abuse problems. Clients are referred to detoxification or withdrawal treatment, as needed.

Peer support groups are available for both alcoholics and drug abusers in Turku. Rehabilitative treatments of longer duration are available around the country.

The Social Services Department, in conjunction with the Health Care Department, makes available to Turku residents, who are undergoing mental health rehabilitation treatment, service- or support housing, as indicated by the person's rehabilitative needs.

The Turku Health Care Department, together with private-sector service providers, is responsible for providing other mental health services to the city's residents.

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For homeless in Turku

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