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Home care supports elderly people in living independent lives in their own homes and encourages them to use their own resources. Home care provides assistance in daily life if you or your loved ones do not have the necessary resources. This may include activities such as taking your medication, eating, washing, dressing and getting out of bed. Through home services, you can also receive other support, such as meal and safety services. We ask clients who only require help with household work, such as cleaning and shopping, to use private services.

Home care may be either temporary or regular, depending on a client’s individual situation and needs. Temporary home care means that you receive home care services less than weekly or that the service duration is less than three months, while regular home care means that you receive home care services regularly at least once a week. Home care can be provided directly by the City of Espoo, as an outsourced service or through service vouchers by contractual service providers.

We negotiate personal goals with each client in order to maintain the clients’ own resources and ability to function. We also create an individual care and service plan for each client, agreeing together on the home care services to be provided. This plan is reviewed regularly. As a home care client, you will be appointed with your own carer.

Home care and its support services are paid services. Temporary home care fees are charged per visit, while the regular home care fee depends on the number of hours of home care received as well as the client’s ability to pay and the size of their family. Furthermore, as a home care client, you can have free care equipment and materials at your home, if necessary.

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Background information

Home care includes home services and at-home hospital care. Home services include care and attention, supporting the patient in coping with everyday life and maintaining their functional capacity. At-home hospital care comprises health and medical care services that are provided at the patient's home on a temporary basis to treat their illness.

The customer fees charged for home care depend on the volume of care needed, the patient’s income and, for example, if the patient is a war invalid.

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Updated: 24/5/2022