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Home care

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Home care supports elderly people in living independent lives in their own homes and encourages them to use their own resources. Home care provides assistance in daily life if you or your loved ones do not have the necessary resources. This may include activities such as taking your medication, eating, washing, dressing and getting out of bed. Through home services, you can also receive other supp ...

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Background information

Home care includes services provided at home and home nursing. Home services include care and nurture, supporting clients in coping with everyday life and maintaining their functional capacity. Home nursing consists of health and medical care services that are provided at the client’s home on a temporary basis for the treatment of their illness. If necessary, home care can be provided at all times of the day.

Home care client fees are influenced by, for example, the amount of care needed, the client's income and possible disability of a veteran.

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Updated: 23/3/2023