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Hiring a nanny in the family's home

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A family can hire a nanny in their home and receive home care allowance or private care allowance. Two families may also hire a nanny together.

The parents independently select a suitable person to hire to take care of their children. The family and the carer make a written employment agreement.

Do the following

You can apply for a home care or private day care allowance from Kela.

When applying for private care support from Kela, first contact your municipality of residence. The municipality checks the carer’s eligibility and criminal record and submits the requisite documents to Kela. Kela pays the private day care allowance directly to the child carer.

The home care allowance is paid by Kela to the child's main carer, usually as a parent. You can use the support to pay the carer's salary.

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To whom and on what terms

A fee is charged for the service.

If the family employs the carer, the family acts as the employer of the carer. The family is responsible for the payment of the salary as well as for withholding tax and statutory pension and social insurance contributions. The carer also has the right to occupational health care services.

Background information

A family can hire a child carer to work in their home and receive a home care or private day care allowance to cover some of the wage costs. Home care allowance is granted for caring for a child aged under 3 years, and private care allowance for a child who is under the school age. Several families can jointly act as the carer’s employer, with one of the adults being designated as the person responsible for the employer’s duties.

A carer employed at home does not provide early childhood education and care in accordance with the Act on Early Childhood Education and Care.

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