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Heka rental apartments

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You can apply for a Heka rental apartment by filling in the application form. Familiarise yourself with the application instructions, selection criteria and residential areas before applying.

You cannot select and apply for a specific apartment. When apartments become available, we will offer you an apartment that meets your needs in terms of location and features. Only new buildings, some rece ...

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Applying for a Heka rental apartment - Sähköposti:

To whom and on what terms

In the selection of residents, applicants who need housing the most urgently, the least wealthy and those on the lowest incomes are prioritised.

When applying for housing, you need to have a Finnish personal identity code. Wealth limits are applied to the tenant selection for Heka’s rental apartments.

Background information

A person looking for rental housing may make enquiries with the municipality. Rental housing units owned by municipalities mostly are rental housing built on state support, to which resident selection criteria laid down in law apply.

While the municipalities do not have a statutory duty to offer rental housing to their residents, developing housing conditions in their area is part of the municipalities’ tasks. The purpose of the development of housing conditions is to ensure that the inhabitants of the municipality have access to reasonable housing. Most municipalities have rental housing units built and offer them for rent to the residents, either directly or through a rental housing company established by the municipality.

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City of Helsinki

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Urban Environment Division, City of Helsinki
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Updated: 1/10/2023