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Healthcare replacement cards

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The healthcare replacement card replaces a lost, forgotten or broken healthcare smart card, ID card for non-regulated social and health care workers or ID card for non-clinical healthcare sector staff. It is meant only for temporary use. The validity of a replacement card is at most three months. After being used, a replacement card is returned to the registration point.

The cards work with contactless access management technology.

Personal details about the cardholder are not printed on the card. The same replacement card can be used for several times, as all data is removed from the card after each user.

The replacement cards are sent to the organisation as blank cards. Data is uploaded on the card only once it is signed over for use. A temporary certificate is attached to the replacement card at the registration point.

Do the following

The organisation's registration point orders the replacement cards from the Vartti system. The registration point should make sure they have enough blank replacement cards available.

A cardholder can pick up the replacement card directly from the registration point if the registration personnel activates it for the cardholder’s use. The applicant of a replacement card must be identified appropriately. The replacement card's period of validity is defined upon delivery. The cardholder sets PIN codes for the replacement card themselves.

A replacement card for a healthcare smart card can be claimed from any registration point of public health service. A replacement card for an ID card for non-regulated social and health care workers or an ID card for non-clinical healthcare sector staff must be claimed from their own registration point.

When a cardholder returns a replacement card to a registration point, the data on the card is wiped.

To whom and on what terms

A person needs to submit an application for a card on the Vartti system in order to create a replacement card.

Organisations must pay for the replacement cards, unless the card concerns social welfare and health care professionals or personnel who handle patient information.

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