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Health information in school health care

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Health information comprises activities carried out by health care professionals to support the wellbeing of children, young people and their living environments with systematic health-oriented interaction and communication targeting individuals, groups and the whole population.

Health information is disseminated according to individual needs and developmental stages in cooperation with individuals and families in a manner that the information can be applied to practice and the individuals and families can take responsibility for their own health.

Health information is disseminated with view to the health information plans of the school curricula for different age groups. Health information is planned with teachers. Health information pays attention to the following areas of health promotion in school health care:

Mental health promotion

Prevention of drug and alcohol use

Promotion of sexual health

Prevention of excessive weight gain

Recognition of bullying and physical threats as well as intervention

Prevention of social exclusion of children and students

Health information is also determined by the health examination programmes defined for different grades.

The health information materials used and disseminated are produced and selected with the following criteria:

The materials are up to date.

The materials are based on proven knowledge.

The materials pay attention to the linguistic and cultural backgrounds of users and to diversity.

The materials are unbiased.

The materials are available to everybody and accessible.

To whom and on what terms

Every pupil is entitled to pupil welfare services.

School children and students

The service is free of charge.

Background information

The pupils in pre-primary and basic education are entitled to pupil welfare services. It means looking after the pupils’ physical, psychological and social well-being. Pupil welfare services promote the pupils’ balanced growth and development and ensure everyone’s equal possibilities for learning. The objective of pupil welfare is to notice and intervene in the pupils’ problems as early as possible.

Pupil welfare services include the school health service and the activities of a school social worker and a school psychologist. The teachers and all other school staff members also participate in pupil welfare.

A pupil welfare group operates in all schools, led by the representative nominated by the education organizer. The group’s task is to plan, implement and develop pupil welfare in the school community so that all children can have a healthy, safe and accessible school environment.

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