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Health examinations for students in universities of applied sciences

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First-year students have the opportunity to fulfil an online health questionnaire. The responses are used to assess the needs for and urgency of health examinations. A nurse's examination is offered to all first-year students in universities of applied sciences. Some of the students are invited to examinations personally on the basis of their health questionnaires or online responses.

The students invited to health examinations on the basis of their health questionnaires comprise

- students who indicate in their health questionnaires that they wish to have a health examination in student health care

- students who are exposed to such factors during their studies that carry high risks of causing illness

- students whose health questionnaires indicate that they need help from a health care professional or a referral to further examinations or treatment

- students whose health questionnaires indicate that they would benefit from healthcare intervention because of risk behaviour, unhealthy habits or other health risks.

For the student health examinations, the student health care personnel obtain the necessary student health information from earlier care.

Students in universities of applied sciences are referred to a doctor on the basis of the nurse's assessment. Special attention is paid to students with health risks affecting their future careers. Such risks include mental health problems, substance abuse, medication affecting their capacity to study, physical restrictions, allergies and skin rashes.

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The service is free of charge.

Background information

Students in vocational education and training are entitled to student welfare services that promote their physical, psychological and social health and well-being, thus supporting their studying and learning. Student welfare services include the services of public health nurses, psychologists and school social workers.

Responsibility for organising student welfare services rests with the educational institution and the municipality in which it is located. They provide student welfare services for all vocational education and training students, regardless of the municipality in which the students are residents.

Special attention in the student welfare services is given to students in need of special support and those with minority linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

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