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Health care services for immigrants

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People in need of urgent medical care have the right to receive treatment regardless of their nationality. The right to other health care services is determined by the kind of residence permit the foreign person has.

Health care services for asylum seekers are arranged by reception centres in co-operation with municipalities or other service providers. Those with a residence permit and a permanent municipality of residence have the right to social and health care services, even if they are not Finnish citizens.

The municipality will provide immigrants with health care services, in which experts specialising in integration and special immigrant issues carry out multidisciplinary co-operation. These services can be accessed through a health centre.

Background information

Persons needing urgent medical care are always entitled to treatment regardless of where they are from. If you have a home municipality in Finland, you are entitled to all the healthcare services your home municipality provides. If you have no home municipality in Finland, you may still be entitled to health services due to work, for example. In such cases, you must prove your right with a medical care certificate issued by Kela.

Persons from other EU or EEA countries or Switzerland may receive necessary medical treatment in Finland’s public healthcare by presenting a European Health Insurance Card.

In addition to urgent medical care, adult asylum seekers are entitled to necessary healthcare, such as maternity clinic services. Underage asylum seekers are entitled to the same healthcare services as other residents of the municipality. Reception centres also organise health services for asylum seekers in cooperation with different service providers.

Refugees are entitled to the same healthcare services as other residents of a municipality.

Immigrants are provided healthcare services, in which experts in integration and special questions related to immigrants work in multi-professional cooperation. These services are accessed through health centres. Immigrants have the right to receive interpretation help during a doctor’s visit.

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