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Government transfers for youth information and counselling services and digital youth work

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Projects in youth information and counselling and digital youth work are aimed at developing the methods and procedures of youth work and youth activities. The transfers are aimed at promoting the inclusion, equality and communality of young people and their opportunities in life. The transfers support the implementation of goals laid down in the Youth Act. AVI Agencies grant transfers on a discre ...

Do the following

Apply through the regional administration e-services.

You can apply for a transfer for one year at a time for projects of up to three years. If the project runs for more than one year, apply for the transfer separately for each year.

If the project is related to youth information and counselling, contact the youth information and counselling development centre Koordinaatti before submitting your application. In digital youth work projects, contact Verke, the National Development Centre for Online Youth Work.

Describe in your application how the need for the project has been determined. Draw up a cost estimate and a financial plan. The recipient of a transfer shall report their expenses separately for each cost centre, which requires appropriate organisation of financial management. A transfer may only be used for the purpose for which it is granted.

Attach to your application:

  • a project plan
  • a cost estimate and financial plan
  • an account of the authority to sign (e.g. an extract from the association register or an excerpt from the municipal administrative regulations)
  • written confirmations from partners on their commitment to the project
  • financial statement data and operating plan from associations.

Include the following in the project plan:

  • a public one-page summary of the project
  • a detailed description of the need for the project and of the objectives, content, actions, schedule and expected results of the project
  • a description of the target group (including gender and age distribution)
  • a description of how young people will participate in the different project stages
  • a list of partners and their role in the project (written confirmations from partners on their commitment to the project, e.g. via e-mail)
  • a human resources plan
  • a description of how the activities and goals of the project are linked to other local, regional or national key services and operators
  • an evaluation plan
  • a plan for communicating the project activities to target groups and youth work operators
  • a plan for continuing the developed services/operating models/activities and maintaining the gained expertise within the organisation after the project period.

You may receive a transfer to improve expertise or to cover personnel costs, information costs, procurements and the purchasing of expert services. Specify and justify any equipment procurements from the viewpoint of the goals and actions of the project.

To whom and on what terms

The transfers may be applied for by municipalities, joint municipal authorities, associations, foundations and other registered communities offering youth services.

The applicant shall provide the Regional State Administrative Agency with an account of the use of the transfer. The transfer will not be granted if the applicant has failed to provide the Agency with monitoring data on the use of previously granted transfers.

A transfer can cover at most 50 per cent of the acceptable costs of the project for which the transfer is granted. When combined with other public financial aids, the transfer may not exceed the amount of the acceptable costs. The acceptable costs are defined in the decision to grant the transfer.

You should always request tenders for procurements from more than one supplier when the cost of the procurement is over €7,000 without value added tax. The recipient of the transfer is responsible for determining if the Act on Public Procurement and Concession Contracts applies to them.

Apply through the regional administration e-services. More detailed deadlines for each government transfer are specified in the application instructions for the transfers. No transfer shall be granted if the application arrives at the Regional State Administrative Agency after the deadline. The Regional State Administrative Agency will make the decision in approximately six months.

A transfer is granted for a period of one year. The period of use is determined separately for each applicant in the decision issued by the Regional State Administrative Agency. The period of use may be a 12-month period that is not a calendar year.

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