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Government subsidies for youth workshop activities

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The subsidy supports regular youth workshop activities, the development of workshop content or the social empowerment of youths through workshop activities. The target group of the subsidy are under 29-year-old youths. The subsidy is granted on a discretionary basis.

The objective of youth workshop activities is to improve a youth’s capacity to access education, finish their education and access ...

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Applying for the subsidy

More detailed application instructions are available in the call for applications and the regional administration e-services. The AVI will announce when the application period begins.

Fill the application in the regional administration e-services by the deadline. The applicant shall be responsible for the delivery of the application by the deadline. The AVI shall not grant the subsidy if the application arrives at the AVI after the deadline. The application processing time is approximately 4–6 months.

Use of the subsidy

The subsidy may only be used for covering approved costs. Monitor and assess the results of the youth workshop activities and, in particular, the progress of the paths of the youths who participate in the activities. The youth who participates in the workshop activities is provided with feedback on their progress and the skills acquired through the workshop. The subsidised organisation shall also respond to the workshop activity assessment and monitoring survey. It is recommendable to use the PARty system or a system compatible with it for the monitoring of the operation. The use of the PARty system facilitates responding to the monitoring survey.

If the subsidy is used, for example, for purchasing or renting equipment and services, the recipient of the subsidy shall establish and take account of the possible obligation to put procurements out to tender. Ask for an offer from more than one supplier in such goods and service procurements that are under the national threshold but over €7.000 without value added tax.

The recipient of the subsidy shall take account of all regulations that concern the content of the workshop activities (e.g. public procurements, child protection, personal data etc.).

Reporting on old applications (from the year 2016 and older) is done on a printable form available on the service channels.

To whom and on what terms

The youth workshop activities may be organised by a municipality, a joint municipal authority, a limited liability company, a co-operative, an association or a foundation. A subsidy may only be granted if the Ministry of Education and Culture has granted the organiser of the youth workshop activities eligibility for state subsidy. Instructions for applying for eligibility for state subsidy are provided by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

The applicant shall provide the AVI with a report on the use of the subsidy. The subsidy will not be granted if the applicant has failed to provide the AVI with monitoring data on the use of previously granted subsidies.

When assessing the quality and societal impact of the youth workshop activities, the AVI considers the following aspects:

  1. service capacity and feedback received from the target group and the collaboration network,
  2. information on the results of the operation,
  3. the target-orientation and cost-effectiveness of the operation as well as financial and administrative management,
  4. the expertise and skills of the personnel,
  5. the continuity and year-round nature of the operation,
  6. the appropriateness of the facilities considering the activities, and
  7. accounts that state the costs of the government-subsidised youth work activities.

The AVI may only grant the subsidy if the general requirements laid down in the Act on Discretionary Government Transfers are met:

  • the societal acceptability of the purpose for which the subsidy is applied for,
  • the justification of the subsidy with respect to the set objectives,
  • the necessity of the subsidy, considering the quality and extent of the operation as well as other subsidies,
  • the competitive neutrality of the subsidy.

The subsidy shall be granted for one year at a time. The period of use is determined separately for each applicant in the decision issued by the AVI. The period of use may be a 12-month period that is not a calendar year.

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