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Government subsidies for libraries

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  • Nationwide except the Åland Islands
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Municipalities or municipal public libraries can apply for subsidies for regional and local pilot and development projects of public libraries. The application period is once a year in autumn.

The subsidy’s purpose is to increase cultural inclusion and reduce the differences between population groups in cultural participation.

The supported projects promote at least one of the following:

• Lib ...

Do the following

Submit your application in the regional government’s e-service

You can also find a link to the e-service in the application notification. You can take care of all measures related to applying for government subsidies in the electronic application service. You will also receive the decision in the same service. You can find all documents related to the application in the same service.

Log into the e-service using your personal e-Identification: banking IDs, mobile certificate or an identity card with a chip. You can find instructions for the e-service here:

The applicant must submit their application to the regional administration’s e-services during the time specified in that year’s application instructions.

Information on all service channels is not available in your chosen language. Change the language of the site to receive information on service channels in other languages.

To whom and on what terms

The municipality or a municipal library is the applicant.

In order to receive the subsidy,

  • the purpose, for which the government subsidy is granted for, must be socially acceptable.
  • the subsidy can be justified based on the objectives set for the usage of government subsidies.
  • the subsidy is necessary given the other public support the applicant receives and the nature and extent of the project or activity.
  • granting the government subsidy will only slightly distort competition and the functioning of the markets.

The project must have clear objectives and measures as well as a scheduled plan and a justified cost estimate.

Self-service library services may receive funding if the project improves the availability of library services and the diversity of the activities of the self-service library. The subsidy can only be granted to those self-service libraries that are improving their service for the first time.

The subsidy can also be granted for digitisation projects if the processed material has local, regional or national value. The material must be under the control of the library.

Regional State Administrative Agencies recommend negotiating more extensive/regional projects that promote reading for children and young people with Seinäjoki Public Library, which has a special national task to support libraries in the promotion of reading and literacy for children and young people.

The subsidy is not meant for acquiring library materials or furnishing the library.

Subsidies are discretionary.

The library experts of the Regional State Administrative Agencies will process the applications together and make the subsidy decisions by the end of March in the year following the application period.

The granted subsidies are available until the end of the calendar year that follows the time of granting.

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