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Government aid for building sports facilities

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  • Nationwide except the Åland Islands
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The government aid for sports facilities can be granted for building, acquiring, majorly improving or equipping sports facilities designed for large user groups. Under special circumstances, the aid can be granted for construction of other sports facilities.

When the project’s costs are estimated to be over €700,000, the government aid is granted by the Ministry of Education and Culture. When the ...

Do the following

Apply for the aid in the e-services of the regional administration.

Attach the following documents to the application:

  • cost estimate or funding decisions concerning the project
  • a building permit for the construction, or an equivalent document to prove the aid can be granted
  • project plan
  • L2 designs
  • description of the method of construction
  • a condition assessment of the major improvement project
  • an account on accessibility.

You can find further details on how to apply from the website of the Ministry of Education and Culture.

To whom and on what terms

A municipality, community of municipalities or a community under their rule can apply for the aid. The aid can also be granted for other communities, if the aid is needed to reach the goals laid in the Sports Act.

The aid is primarily granted when the construction has not yet started. In general, the project should be initiated the year the aid is granted. The appropriation for the government’s department of sports services consists almost entirely of revenue from the organisation of gambling services. Therefore, the aid-granting depends on the year.

As a prerequisite for granting the aid, the property to be acquired must be owned by the recipient of the aid. For separate buildings or facilities, the recipient of the aid must also own the ground on which the building or facility is located, or have a long-term lease on it (valid for at least 15 years after the aid is granted).

You must apply for the aid by the end of each year.

The annual decisions on aids will be made in accordance with the previously described division, usually in April (the Ministry of Education and Culture) and May (Regional State Administrative Agencies).

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Updated: 6/3/2021