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General health checks for working-age people

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A working-age person can book an appointment for a health examination by contacting the reception of the health center in their area.

Soite's health centers serve the residents of the area in matters related to basic health care. We offer appointments with doctors and nurses for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of diseases.

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You can come to doctors' or nurses' receptions by making an appointment. The healthcare professional handling the appointment will assess your treatment needs and book you an appointment with either a doctor or a nurse. When booking an appointment, advice and treatment instructions are also given, if a visit at a reception is not necessary.

When making an appointment, you will be asked to tell the reason for visiting the reception, so that sufficient time can be reserved for the reception. Please bring your medicine list and the papers related to monitoring the treatment, e.g. the blood pressure monitoring card, to the appointment.

Visits at specialist nurse receptions (diabetes nurse, asthma nurse, cardiac nurse, rheumatologist, etc.) are also primarily reserved via the appointment booking for visits at a doctor's reception.

When the symptoms or illness do not require a doctor's appointment, a nurse has the right to issue a sick leave certidficate for 1-3 days.

Background information

A person wishing to undergo a health check must first contact their local health and social services centre. The examination usually includes the measurement of your body mass index and blood pressure, as well as certain laboratory tests. An important part of the check is discussing the person’s health, work ability, functional capacity, lifestyle and possible symptoms.

Key topics discussed during health checks include nutrition, exercise, sleep, smoking and alcohol use as well as life management and social relationships. If a need for further examinations or treatments emerges during the examination, the person performing the health examination will refer the patient to the correct services. Those in working life can also ask for a health check from their occupational health care provider.

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Updated: 3/2/2023