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Finnish language support in apprenticeship training

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Young people and adults can learn a profession through apprenticeship (oppisopimus) training. During apprenticeship training, you will work and study at the same time.

Apprenticeship training is suitable for you if you are a hardworking, motivated and independent student. In addition to the time spent at work, you must also have time to study at home.

During apprenticeship training you will complete an upper secondary vocational qualification and you can study almost any secondary level profession for example: painter, practical nurse, hairdresser, builder or cook.

You should first find a suitable workplace before your apprenticeship can start. TE-toimisto (The Employment and Economic Development Office) will help you with your job search, and if you are under 30 years old, Ohjaamo will guide you.

When the job is found, contact The Employment and Apprenticeship Services at Helsinki Vocational Adult Institute (Stadin aikuisopisto) to start your apprenticeship training. You will sign a fixed-term contract with your employer. The employer will pay you salary according to a collective agreement (työehtosopimus, TES).

80% of your apprenticeship training will take place at your workplace, and the remaining 20% at school. You will get support from your workplace trainer who will guide and help you at your workplace.

Apprenticeship training is free of charge for the student and the employer.

The language of instruction is Finnish. You will also get support and help with your studies and learning Finnish.

Finnish language teacher will help, for example, with

- Finnish language at a workplace

- Professional vocabulary

- School exercises

Come and learn more during our info sessions.

Do the following

The parties to an apprenticeship training agreement are the student, the employer and the educational institution.

To whom and on what terms

You should first find a suitable workplace before your apprenticeship can start.

Background information

All vocational qualifications can be completed by participating in apprenticeship training. It is suitable for both young people and adults.

Vocational further education and training organised as apprenticeship training is usually intended for those who already have education, training or work experience in their field and who wish to complement, extend or deepen their competence. Competence acquired through apprenticeship training can be demonstrated in a competence-based qualification.

Apprenticeship training is mainly provided on the workplace, and the student has an employment relationship or a public-service employment relationship with the employer. Training provided on the workplace is complemented with theoretical studies, which are mainly organised by vocational institutions and adult education centres.

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