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Finnish language courses

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Familia's Finnish language courses are under the guidance of professional teachers. In addition to practicing the Finnish language, the the courses also provide information about Finnish society. Familia also organises Finnish language discussion groups led by volunteers. You can practice the basics of the Finnish language or practice the language skills you have already acquired with others in the same situation. We warmly welcome all new and old students!

Familia's Finnish language courses are primarily aimed at Finnish spouses who want to learn and develop their Finnish language skills under the guidance of professional teachers. The courses take into account the opportunities offered by the Finnish-speaking spouse and close circle to support the study of the Finnish language.The teaching also takes into account the student's everyday language use needs and interactions.

Spouses who speak Finnish as their mother tongue are expected to play an active role and be motivated, for example, by participating in homework and meetings in addition to the course. Aside from learning the language, both the student and the Finnish spouse receives peer support and can network with others who are in the same life situation. Familia's course offerings are the only Finnish language courses that take into account the everyday life of multicultural families in terms of content and teaching atmosphere.

All of the Finnish language courses and discussion groups take place in Familia’s office in Sörnäinen (Lintulahdenkatu 10, 7th floor), Helsinki or online by Zoom.

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Registration for Familia's Finnish language courses and discussion groups takes place online, on our website.

To whom and on what terms

A fee is charged for the service.

Participation in the Finnish language courses requires membership in the Familia association.

The membership fee is 25 euro per calendar year. Finnish discussion groups do not require membership.

At the start of the course, the membership fee must be paid in order to secure a place in the course. We will send an invoice for the membership fee by e-mail.

The price of summer intensive courses is 250 € / 225 € (membership price).

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