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Finnish for the entire family

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Kotoklubi Kaneli is intended for immigrant families. At Kotoklubi, parents learn Finnish together with their children. At Kotoklubi you sing, play and move.

At Kotoklubi Kaneli, a child will find new friends. The parents will also meet new people and learn Finnish. You can get to know Finnish culture and tell others about your own culture at Kotoklubi.

Kotoklubi organises activities at play ...

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Background information

The purpose of municipal playgrounds is to offer safe, diverse and welcoming environments for play. The municipality checks the safety of playgrounds several times a year. The maintenance measures are carried out according to a national specification.

Playgrounds may be supervised by municipal employees either continuously or at certain times, or they may be unsupervised. A municipality may organise instructor-led activities for pre-school and school-age children at the playground.

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Updated: 1/6/2023