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Filing a complaint to a Regional State Administrative Agency

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  • Nationwide except the Åland Islands
  • Public service

A complaint is a notification of suspected misconduct or neglect filed to a supervisory authority, such as a Regional State Administrative Agency. You can file a complaint to a Regional State Administrative Agency when you feel that the activities of the office or person you are complaining about are illegal, incorrect or inappropriate. You can also file a complaint about negligence.

You can submit a complaint to a Regional State Administrative Agency concerning the following:

  • health care
  • social welfare
  • education
  • early childhood education
  • accessibility
  • municipal environmental health care
  • other municipal responsibilities
  • rescue services
  • reindeer husbandry.

If possible, your first measure should be to discuss the matter with the person who provided the service or made the decision, or with their supervisor. If an error has occurred or you suspect that a matter has been mishandled, it may get rectified by bringing it up.

If your complaint concerns health care, social welfare or early childhood education, you can submit a written reminder to the service provider before submitting a complaint to a Regional State Administrative Agency. When submitting your complaint, include the reminder and the received reply as attachments.

Please note that a complaint decision is confidential if it contains confidential information related to the protection of privacy, such as social welfare and health care customer information.

The Regional State Administrative Agency may provide administrative guidance to the party whose actions you have filed the complaint about.

Do the following

Anyone can file a complaint. You can file a complaint about a matter that concerns you personally, but you can also file one on behalf of someone else. If your complaint concerns another person’s confidential matter, you must submit a power of attorney from the person on whose behalf you are filing the complaint. Other legal representatives (such as a guardian) may also file a complaint on behalf of a person they represent in a matter that is part of the representative's duties. The Regional State Administrative Agency may investigate a complaint even if a power of attorney is not delivered. In such a case, the complainant cannot receive the relevant documents or the decision made by the Regional State Administrative Agency.

You can file a complaint by using a form (form available in finnish and swedish) or by explaining the matter in your own words and sending it to the Regional State Administrative Agency's registry by e-mail. We recommend using secure e-mail in this case. It is especially advised if the complaint or an attachment contains information that is confidential under privacy protection. You can also send a complaint by post to the Regional State Administrative Agency's registry or deliver it there by hand. Remember to sign your complaint.

The complaint must contain your name and contact information, information about what it concerns and why there has been misconduct in your opinion. Any related documents should be attached to the complaint.

To whom and on what terms

Please note that the Regional State Administrative Agency will not investigate a complaint if:

  • it concerns a matter that is more than two years old
  • the complaint is filed anonymously or the information content is so lacking that the matter remains unclear
  • the complaint is unfounded or of minor significance in our opinion
  • the complaint concerns a matter that has already been processed in the past
  • another authority is handling the matter.

The service is free of charge.

Basic information

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Responsible for the serviceRegional State Administrative Agency
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Updated: 27/5/2021