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Family work

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Family work will support your family by strengthening your resources and building mutual interaction. The aim of family work is to support families with children at the earliest possible stage and at the right time.

The goals and content of family work will be agreed on before the service commences. A family worker may, for example, support the family in forming a daily rhythm, or taking care an ...

Do the following

If you are a client at child protection or social welfare, you may contact your own social worker.

You may apply for early family work through the basic services for families with children, such as the prenatal clinic, child health clinic, early childhood education or elementary education. You may also contact the family work, or social services for families with children in your town of residence.

To whom and on what terms

Families will enter family work based on a social worker's decision made in accordance with the Social Welfare Act and the Child Welfare Act. This requires a client contact at the social welfare or child protection.

Background information

Family work is discussion and counselling that supports parenthood and helps families cope with their everyday lives. Family work supports the family’s life management, interaction skills and practical approaches to child education.

Family work can be arranged in connection with child welfare clinics, early childhood education and care, schools or family centres. Family work can also be carried out at the family’s home.

If necessary, family work employees can refer the family to other services.

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