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Family daycare in the care provider's home

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A family daycare provider is a municipal employee who cares for children in his or her home. The size of one daycare group is four children under school age. In addition, one child who is in the preschool education or basic education age and requires part-time daycare can be included in the group.

Each child's care schedule is agreed according to the parents' working hours, study schedules or other grounds. A family daycare provider usually works 8 to 9 hours daily and approximately 40 hours a week.

In the absence of the care provider, substitute care will be arranged for the child. Substitute care primarily takes place in a substitute care home, in group family daycare or in a daycare centre.

A family daycare coordinator serves as the supervisor for a family daycare provider.

Do the following

Apply for a place at family day care at the latest four months before you wish to place your child in family day care.

To whom and on what terms

Care may be given to a child who has not reached the age of compulsory education.

Day care may also be given to a child who has already reached the age of compulsory education, if special circumstances so require and care cannot be otherwise arranged.

A fee is charged for the service.

The amount of the payment depends on the number of children in the family, the family’s income and the number of hours a day the children spend in care.

Background information

In addition to a day-care centre, you can apply for a place in municipal family day care for your child. Family day care is early childhood education and care provided in the carer’s or the child’s home. The carer’s daily working time is approximately eight hours, and the times the child spends in care are arranged between the family and the carer.

A municipal family day-carer may care for at most four children of different ages full time and for one child of pre-primary or basic education age part time. The carer’s own under school age children are included in this number. The carer prepares food for the children, and the children may take part in small domestic chores. An early childhood education plan is drawn up for each child in family day care.

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