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Family care by Child Welfare Services

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Family care in a foster family is valid until further notice and it may last until the child comes of age.

The purpose of family care is to provide the child with individualist care and treatment, long-term relationships and a safe home. During the placement, the child has the right to stay in touch with those people important to him or her, and the foster families will work together with the child's birth parents and various authorities.

The foster family is carefully chosen and the child's transition to the new home is carefully prepared, while taking account of the opinions of all the parties and keeping the child's best interest in mind. Each child is placed with the most suitable foster family, which commits to taking care of the child's care and upbringing.

The purpose of family care is to provide the child with a stable and safe growth environment. Furthermore, the child will need support, in order to replace his or her attachment or interactive relationships and to build trust with the adults that are taking care of him or her. Placement into a family is always valid until further notice. The situation of the child and his or her birth family is regularly assessed during customer plan negotiations. A social worker of long-term family care will support the placed child, the foster family and the child's birth family.

To whom and on what terms

The service is only for citizens of Helsinki.

Background information

Family care is intended for children or young people who are within the scope of child welfare measures and who cannot live with their parents or guardians, or adults who cannot live independently even with support. Family care can also be organised for mental health rehabilitees or persons with disabilities. It is provided in the home of the carer or the person cared for, or in a professional family home.

Family care may be provided over short or long term, part time or round the clock. The objective of family care is to provide the persons cared for a possibility for living in a family environment and forming close and permanent interpersonal relationships. A family carer is entitled to free time.

A child or a young person in family care attends school as usual. Mental health rehabilitees or disabled people in family care may participate in work or day activities and be offered transport services. Seniors are also entitled to transport services.

A carer may have at most four persons in care, including the family’s own children under school age. If there are two carers in one family, the total of six persons in care is allowed. As a carer is approved a person who, because of their training, experience or characteristics, is suitable for the task.

Basic information

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Responsible for the serviceSocial Services and Health Care Division, City of Helsinki
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