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Expropriation permit and survey permit

  • Permit or other obligation
  • Nationwide
  • Public service

Areas may be expropriated to the State for the purposes of nature preservation or road construction if so required in the public interest. Expropriations related to power lines and natural gas pipelines normally concern acquiring the right to use a certain area. In that case, the redeemer is a company that operates in the area.

Applying for an expropriation permit is not required if the right to implement a required expropriation is provided in connection with the verification of a plan, permit issuance or another administrative decision.

Otherwise, expropriation is carried out under an expropriation permit issued by the Government or the National Land Survey of Finland (NLS) based on an application submitted by the redeemer.

Prior to processing the expropriation permit, the applicant shall consult the interested parties either in writing or in specific consultation meetings. Based on an issued expropriation permit, the NLS commences the expropriation proceeding.

Prior to implementing the expropriation, a survey permit may be issued to authorise surveying the area intended to be expropriated.

Upon application, a special right acquired by means of expropriation may be transferred to another party or terminated, or its purpose of use may be changed.

Do the following

Apply for an expropriation permit, a survey permit or a change to the purpose of use of an expropriated area by submitting a free-form application to the NLS registry (

Please append the application with a report on the need for the expropriation, purpose of use change or survey measures. The application shall also contain other necessary appendices, including:

• a map on the area

• sectional drawings

• any reports prepared, e.g. an environmental impact assessment

• a report on the area’s properties, property owners and holders as well as their contact details.

When applying for a survey permit, please state the permit’s desired period of validity.

To whom and on what terms

For example, an expropriation permit may be applied for by a company or an entity that needs to build power transmission lines or a natural gas network. The application may also be based on a corresponding project that is in the public interest.

The expropriation may not be implemented if the objective of the expropriation can be achieved by other means or if the harm caused by the expropriation exceeds its benefit to the public. Changing the purpose of a right of use acquired through expropriation is subject to similar preconditions.

The NLS may process the expropriation permit if an objection is not presented or the expropriation is considered of minor importance from the perspectives of individual and public interest. If the NLS is not competent to process the permit, it transfers the matter to the Government.

A fee is charged for the service.

The charge is determined on the basis of working hours spent processing the application. In addition, any additional costs caused by, for example, newspaper announcements and postal receipts are included in the charge.

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