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European Firearms Pass (EFP)

  • Permit or other obligation
  • Nationwide
  • Public service

The European Firearms Pass (EFP) facilitates the movement of target shooters and hunters from one EU country to another with their firearms. Police departments grant EFPs.

Do the following

You can apply for an EFP verbally. When applying for an EFP, bring along:

- proof of right of possession and holding (firearm permit, possession permit or parallel permit)

- two photographs

- a passport or identity card

To whom and on what terms

A person transferring firearms or part of firearms to another Member State with a Firearms Pass is also obliged to provide a reliable account of their participation in a sports or hunting event. Some EU countries stipulate that, in addition to the EFP and an invitation to an event, you need to obtain the approval or permission of the authorities of the destination country before bringing a firearm in.

Period of validity

The firearms pass is valid for the period of validity of the firearms permits included in it, but only for a maximum of five years.

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Updated: 27/3/2024