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Responsible for the service Social Services and Health Care Division, City of Helsinki

Equipment needed for coping with daily actions, machines and devices

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This support measure is intended for a person, who, due to a disability or illness, requires a machine, equipment or device for moving around, communication or coping at home or in recreational activities, when that device is not paid by the health care service, as an aid of medical rehabilitation.

The goal is that the person can cope as independently as possible with daily actions.

The service is applied for via the social worker of the social work services for the disabled of the customer's own residential area, through a Disabled Services Application form. Swedish-speaking customers should apply for the services via the Eastern Office of the social work services for the disabled, where they can receive service in Swedish.

This is a case-specific financial support measure, which is granted within the frame of reserved allocated funds.

Equipment and devices are, mainly, given to the customer permanently, in which case, the customer pays 50 % of the reasonable purchase price of the device or equipment. Any necessary changes to the purchased device are free of charge to the customer. In certain situations, the equipment or device can be given for the customer's use temporarily, in which case, it is free of charge to the customer and has to be returned to the city after it is no longer needed.

To whom and on what terms

Need for financial support is assessed, based on a doctor's statement and a statement by a rehabilitation director or functional therapist.

The service is only for citizens of Helsinki.

Basic information

The service is provided byCity of Helsinki
Responsible for the serviceSocial Services and Health Care Division, City of Helsinki
Area Helsinki
Available languagesFinnish, Swedish
Text edited by: Social Services and Health Care Division, City of Helsinki
Updated: 18/5/2022