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Employment appropriation for a government office or institution

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  • Nationwide except the Åland Islands
  • Public service

The TE Office grants appropriations to government offices and institutions for the employment of unemployed jobseekers. The appropriation may be allocated to hiring a person to an employment relationship or a public-service employment relationship.

Do the following

The appropriation is applied for from the TE Office with the form TEM315 ‘Application for allocating an appropriation for the employment of an unemployed jobseeker’.

After an appropriation has been granted, the government office or agency must, on a calendar monthly basis, report to the KEHA Centre on the use of the appropriation using the form TEM317 ‘Monthly report on the use of an appropriation’.

To whom and on what terms

A prerequisite for granting the appropriation is that the employer undertakes to pay the employee a salary that complies with the general collective agreement for government employees or another collective labour agreement.

In general, when granting pay subsidies, unincorporated state enterprises are treated as companies. If a company has societal assignments and a person is hired to perform said assignments, the company is considered comparable to a government agency, and it may be granted an employment appropriation instead of a wage subsidy.

The expenses may be reimbursed up to the maximum extent dictated annually by the state budget. The maximum does not prevent the employer from paying a higher salary, but they must cover the amount exceeding the maximum by themselves.

When hiring employees to government offices and agencies using employment and unemployment benefit appropriations, the following decrees laid down in Chapter 7 of the Act on public employment and business service shall be complied with:

  • Sections 1 and 2: general preconditions for granting a wage subsidy
  • Section 3 paragraph 2 items 2 and 3: preconditions for a wage subsidy relating to the employer
  • Sections 4 and 5: preconditions for a wage subsidy relating to the employment relationship and transferring a person employed on a subsidy to another employer
  • Section 7: pay costs covered by a wage subsidy
  • Section 8 and Section 9 paragraph 3: the maximum duration of a wage subsidy
  • Sections 11 and 12: temporary interruption and the calculation of maximum duration over from the beginning
  • Section 13 paragraph 1: the effect of other subsidies on the payment of a wage subsidy
  • Section 14: obstacles for the payment of a wage subsidy

The decision on the appropriation granted is made for a maximum duration of one calendar year at a time.

The service is free of charge.

Basic information

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Updated: 20/2/2020