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Responsible for the service The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom

Driving inctructor

  • Professional qualification
  • Nationwide
  • Public service

If you want to work as a driving instructor you, will need a driving instructor’s licence issued by Traficom. The licence gives you the right to provide driving instruction for category B driving licence. If you want to provide instruction for other driving licence categories you must produce separate proof of your qualification.

Do the following

Submit the application at an Ajovarma office. 3The following documents must be appended to the application:

a certificate showing that you have taken the compulsory modules of the specialist qualification for driving instructors that concern management of driving-school activities and work as a driving instructor, or the Traficom decision showing that you have the necessary qualifications on the basis of a qualification received in an EU/EEA country

a medical certificate of the health requirements for group 2 that is no more than six months old if you do not have a group 2 driving licence, or a comprehensive medical certificate, in which the effects of ageing are considered, if you are aged 68 or over.

To whom and on what terms

More information Traficom's webside

A fee is charged for the service.


Basic information

The service is provided byThe Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom
Responsible for the serviceThe Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom
Area Whole Finland
Available languagesFinnish, Swedish, English
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Updated: 21/6/2021