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Soite’s health care stations serve the citizens in the area when it comes to primary health care. We offer services by doctors and nurses for prevention, diagnosing and treatment of illnesses and for follow-ups.

Soite's health stations are divided into health and social services centres, health and social services stations and Soite’s service points. Soite’s health and social services centres (he ...

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Clients come to the receptions after having contacted appointment booking.

Background information

Nurses give health advice, wound care and vaccinations and remove stitches, etc. If necessary, the nurse can refer the patient to a doctor.

Non-urgent treatment must be provided within a set period. During business hours, patients must be able to contact a health and social services centre immediately by telephone or visiting the centre. Calls are returned without delay, usually on the same day.

The need for treatment may be initially assessed over the telephone, but the patient must be assessed within three days from the contact. The necessary treatment must be organised within a reasonable delay, within 3 months.

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Wellbeing services county of Central Ostrobothnia - Soite

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Wellbeing services county of Central Ostrobothnia - Soite
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Updated: 1/1/2023