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Decisions regarding the environment and water management and pending matters

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According to the Environmental Protection Act and the Water Act, the licensed projects have impact to our living environment. By accessing the Permit Information Service, you can see environmental and water permit matters currently being processed by the Regional State Administrative Agency and cases that have been resolved.

You will find all decisions concerning environmental and water permits ...

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In the online permit information service, you can find pending cases and decisions that have been made. More detailed instructions on the use are provided in the service.

You can search by the stage of handling, for example pending, notified or already resolved cases. You can also limit the search to cover a certain period of time, e.g. applications received after 1 January 2016. The easiest way to find a specific case is to search by the name of the case or the applicant or a part thereof. You can also limit the search to cover the cases in a certain municipality.

The cases that match the search criteria are shown as a list. You can further narrow down these search results by using the search row at the top of the list. The link “Open” in the last colon of a row opens a description page showing more information. For example, the decision, notification or application documents regarding a case can be downloaded from the link “Open” (Avaa/Öppna) that corresponds to the case in question.

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The service can be accessed freely and no registration is needed.

You can access the public cases handled by the state environmental protection authority and the related public documents. Publicity is regulated by the Act on the Openness of Government Activities and the Administrative Procedure Act.

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Regional State Administrative Agency
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